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Charlie Page is the owner of the Directory of Ezines and here he shows how to get more clicks and higher open rates from your marketing emails.

Whether you're sending emails directly, buying solo ads, or you’re doing some sort of joint venture partnership, you want the highest number of clicks and opens possible from the emails you send out.

So let us take a look at how ‘Master Marketers’ get that done.

Focus on Short Powerful Subject Lines

Subject lines are headlines. That’s how you have to think of your email subject lines.

You have to think about it as writing a headline. Lets’ take a look at some good and some bad.

First the bad. Here are some examples of email subject lines from Walgreens (Charlie feels that he can pick on Walgreens as his father worked for them for 50 years):

‘Your frequent customer number was selected for a Courtesy $50 Walgreens charge card’

This is a great subject line in the content part of it—$50 for free. But, if they had shortened it down to ‘Free $50 Walgreens Card', it would have been better.

Let's look at another bad example:

‘Complimentary Test Drive With a Used SUV In Your Town (Choose Two of Three Local Offers)’

How confusing is this subject line? They are making 3 different points here.

A ‘complimentary test drive’, a ‘used car’, it’s ‘in your town’ and now you have to choose ’two or three local offers’.

It’s too confusing and never going to work.

Now, here’s the good. Top online marketers like Charles Kirkland and Justin Brooke are people who really know online marketing.

Here are some examples of their subject lines:

‘Want my help?’

‘100 years or 24 hours to live’

These subject lines are examples of a curiosity approach.

‘Facebook Ads Are Not Working’. This is an example of a ‘fear of loss approach’.

‘$26,650+ in native ad coupons’. This is a ‘promise of gain’ approach. Look how short these are.

Here’s an example of a longer one: ‘For coaches, consultants and service professionals'. This is targeting specific groups.

When you find something that works, STICK WITH IT!

get more clicks and higher open rates from your marketing emails

One of the most common problems, when people write emails for solo ads or email marketing, is that they’ll try something, and it will work a little bit. They then think they can make it better and completely change it. Bad move!

Chris Luck is a genius marketer hen it comes to marketing online. He’s also very consistent.

He’ll regularly send out emails with the following subject lines over a period of about a month:

‘5 Tips to Sell Your Products on Instagram’

‘5 Simple Steps to Make Sales With LinkedIn’

‘7 Twitter Contests That Will Boost Your Marketing Power’

‘5 Steps to Stealing Your Competitor's Customers’

‘5 Strategies to Getting Started on Social Media’

‘5 Ways Facebook Instant Articles Will Change Everything’

The above subject lines show just how consistent he is. This is consistent, repeatable, scalable marketing.

That’s what you and I need in our business. Do the same thing the same way, over and over again.

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Your First 50 Words Matter Most

Your first 50 words matter most in the email body copy. The first thing to do is to shorten your subject lines and make them more powerful.

Next, pay really close attention to the first 50 words you write in the email itself. Those words matter most because they show up in email inboxes before emails have been opened.

This email is an example from another great marketer Todd Brown who is an expert in online funnels: ’ The One Weekly Appointment I Never Miss’.

This is a great subject line because it creates curiosity. But what will also show up in the email inbox are the first words of the email itself.

In the case of Todd Brown’s email, the following email text is shown: ‘This is my Google calendar marked in red’.

This is because an email provider like Gmail will not only display your subject line, but also the first line of the text of your email message. That’s why the first 50 words of your message really matter most.

I’m curious about what’s in his Google calendar. Are you? That’s why that subject line works so well and is super smart.

Use Action Words

Use action words. Don’t use passive words. You definitely want to have life and excitement in your subject lines and in your emails.

Use Their Name

Use the name of your subscribers where you can. But don’t put their email address in the subject line. This will make you look like a spammer.

I get lots of spam. Hundreds and hundreds a day, and many of them will have my email address in the subject line.

For example: ‘Dear, you’ve just won $10 million dollars’. This just indicates that the sender does not know me at all. They’ve just harvested my email address from somewhere and are just spamming me.

Use their name if you have it, but do not use their email address in the subject line or the body of the email.

Ask A Question

Ask a question. There’s just something in human nature that likes to answer a question. If you ask a compelling question, people will often pay much more attention to the email.

If you follow the advice given in this post, your subject lines will get better, your email marketing will be better, and you will get more opens and more clicks. That’s what you really want, right?

That’s what we all want because we pay money to send emails out. Let’s make it work the best we can.

Your email list is the best way to reach your audience. Whether you are selling a product, building a relationship, or requesting donations… email is the BEST way to connect with your audience.

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Email Open And Click Rates
Charlie Page is the owner of the Directory of Ezines and has been around the block when it comes to Ezine Marketing. He teaches how to drive targeted traffic and build your lists with Ezine advertising, solo ads, article marketing, joint ventures, and more!


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