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How do you achieve success in a home business? Top internet millionaire and “King of Traffic” Daegan Smith recently produced a video regarding this topic and how you can make that success effortless. It was shot in his new office in the capital of the USA, Washington D.C.

If you had told Daegan back in 2005 when he started dabbling online that he would become a millionaire and have an office just around the corner from the capital of the United States… he would have called you crazy.

But such are things in the weird world of online marketing. And successes like this happens if you’re focused and determined enough to just GO!

But almost everyone gets this wrong… and it’s making it so much harder than it needs to be. If most people knew just how close they really were. They wouldn’t… Well, watch it. You’ll see.

How to Make Success in a Home Business Effortless

Daegan has spoken to a lot of people about being successful online. Others have come to him with question after question, year after year asking him how to achieve success in a home business. He’s found the one thing that holds people back is that little voice saying, “I don’t know what’s going to happen. Can you just tell me?“

At the end of the day NO ONE knows what’s going to happen. Even Daegan with all his success and experience in the online marketing world does not know what’s going to happen when others get started on the internet. But, sometimes that’s the fun of it.

Success in a Home Business: Start Thinking the Right Way

One reason why people fail is the wrong way they think about their business. It’s a very counter-intuitive thing. This can be made clearer from a small part of Daegan’s own story.

When he first got started in the home business industry he was totally enraptured by the power of leverage. It just made a lot of sense.

He wanted to build his business online but the business he got involved with, and the person who introduced him to the business did not agree with using the internet as a way of marketing. Being the ever-flexible student that he was Daegan agreed to do whatever his sponsor said.

This ended up with him walking through the mean streets of Washington D.C. speaking the scripts taught to him by his sponsor: “Have you ever thought about starting a home business?” “Do you keep your options open to making some extra money?”

He can’t count the hours he did this and at the end of that period, he had NOTHING to show for his efforts. And that’s all fine. It happens… that’s life! But then Daegan took a step back and asked himself the question, “What do I need to do to make it work?”

He sucked at calling potential prospects on the phone and approaching people in malls and on the street. So he decided he needed to have something to do this part of the work for him. Through some research, study, and observation he identified exactly what he needed.

The answer just didn't pop into his head. There were several months where he had no idea that the “thing” the “concept” even existed.

But one day he was in an online forum and clicked the link in someone's signature file and BOOM… it came to him. Point by point exactly what he had envisioned.

Now, he took a step back and said to himself, “What do I need to succeed?”

This is one of the important points. If you don’t take a step back… because there are always things that people will tell you, “You should do this… You should do that… .“ But if you don’t take a step back and think about what you need to do to achieve success in a home business – no one will do it for you.

success in a home business

No one is going to evaluate what your strengths and weaknesses are and advise you on the best way forward. That’s something you can do and it’s most important that you think about it and do it.

When Deagan identified what he required to be successful in his business he jumped on it immediately. What he then realized that when he started to think that way, asking himself the question, “What do I need to be successful?”

Once he identified what that was and the setup required, he could then focus on what he had to do. Ultimately in Daegen's case, he identified that what he needed was traffic. Controlling his own flow of quality leads.

And so by luck he came to the idea of ’Newsletter Marketing’. He found a newsletter, paid some money, found someone's ad which he copied (he didn’t know anything about writing effective ads at that time), placed it, and went off to work at his regular job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.

When he came home from work he found he had 70 leads and 11 new people in his business. All as a result of placing the ad in the newsletter.

Now, here’s the point – when he wasn’t succeeding what was he doing? He was walking through the streets of Washington D.C. practicing and practicing prospecting scripts.

Than at night for hours upon hours he was cold-calling people and “getting kicked in the nuts.” That’s what rejection can feel like, right.

He kept going, kept trying the same thing. So much so that he was saying to himself, “I have to get good at this.”

, As a result, he would buy a more expensive course on his credit cards on cold-calling people so that he could learn how to enroll people into his opportunity. But, he never got any better results.

What was the difference? Success was placing an ad in a newsletter. Failure was attempting to be the best by increasing his ability in a strategy that was ineffective for him. We fail to realize that when we're trying to succeed, more often than not, success is a lot CLOSER than we think.

It’s not about us mastering something. It’s not about getting better. It’s much more about identifying your weaknesses, the wall, the resistance in your path to success.

Then you have to ask yourself the question: “How can I get that out of my way?” And as soon as you do and get rid of those obstacles success starts to come your way.

Are you working too hard? Are you trying to master something that you don’t need to? Could “success in a home business” be a lot closer than you think it is. If you would just take some time and ask yourself what is holding you back and find a way of getting over, around or under it.

Success is far more about removing complexity and simply controlling the things that are necessary. Calling people on the phone is not necessary.

And there’s something that you are probably doing at the moment that is not necessary. What is it and why are you doing it? Get rid of it.


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Remember, once you get on the path and hitting that wall, you can’t get past it. You try to get better and go down the path of trying to master the problem.

But this ‘mastery path’ often does not lead you to mastery. And this will cause you to continue to spend money until you finally run and even in extreme cases go bankrupt.

A wise and experienced marketer once said, “A problem aged is a problem intensified.” Is that what’s happening to you? You’re letting your problems continue and stick around. You keep on hitting that wall and making no progress.

Simply get rid of the problem. Remove the barrier and you’ll find success is almost instant. It’s not about force. It’s about removing the hurdles in your way.

And that takes thinking and changing your mindset. And unfortunately, a lot of people want someone else to tell them what to do.

Are you going to be the person that thinks… steps back for a minute and says, “What is wrong with my situation and what are ways to change it for the better.” Or are you always going to say, “I need to find someone else to tell me what to do” and look for external validation.

This is not about hitting the wall and trying to break it down. It’s about getting rid of it by going over, under, round it or in a different direction.

Or it may be that the wall you’re hitting is not the real problem. So take a step back and think about these things because if you do you’ll be very close to success in a home business and the thing(s) that will get you there will become effortless.

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