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Taking Massive Action: The Most Important Skill of Achievers

Taking massive action is one of the keys to achieving success in this new digital economy. Those who have done this are now the ‘New Money Masters' in the new economy.

In the video above Tony Robbins interviews Frank Kern and John Reese. All three of them are self-made millionaires and made their money by selling products and services online.

None of these ‘New Money Masters' had  any extended ‘real education'. They did not finish college and all of them went from being broke to becoming millionaires.

What was the one characteristic they identified as using to achieve their success? – taking massive action.

In the interview Tony, Frank and John uncover the traits that are necessary to continue to prosper and thrive in the digital economy. They mention what are the conditions causes successful people to take massive action and follow-through.

You'll discover that this important skill is quite simple and a solution that is available to all of us.

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