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Should we be teaching entrepreneurship to children? When you were a child, did you ever have a stand where you sold soft drinks like sodas? Did you ever offer cakes and candy to other students at school in order to make some money?
Not everybody is bitten by the entrepreneurial bug when they are kids, however. I truly believe it's vital teaching entrepreneurship to children. The harsh realities of entering the workforce in a difficult economy presents a lot of challenges. The alternative of being an entrepreneur and working for yourself is something that should be explained to children and young people.

Teaching Entrepreneurship To Children: Making Them Aware Of An Alternative

The main thing working against our children having an entrepreneurial mindset is our education system. With only a few exceptions, most of the teaching we get from the time we are in kindergarten to the day we graduate from college is …

* Make sure you get a good education
* Study hard and graduate with your degree
* Get a wonderful job with great additional benefits, and you're set for life!

There are a number of issues with this.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with working and getting a good job with a terrific company. A lot of people end up doing this, and some enjoy it and make a huge contribution to their company.

The real truth is that there is a HUGE portion of people who are not pleased with their jobs and are in fact totally dissatisfied. This can be due to the fact that they either do not like the work they do, who they actually work with, or they may not get paid enough, being just one paycheck away from being broke.

The second problem is that it is very RARE in these modern times to find anybody that works at one specific job for more than 3 to 5 years. Switching between jobs regularly has actually become the “brand-new standard”.

teaching entrepreneurship to children

That's why it's so essential in ‘teaching entrepreneurship to children and revealing to them that there is an option to having to go out into the workforce to make a living. Would it not make more sense to instruct children about entrepreneurship and show them that there is a very real alternative to living a life in the corporate world.

Teaching them about things like beginning their own home-business… particularly an online business. We have to remember that the younger generation now invests most of their time online nowadays. So, when they are young, why not instruct them about how to make money with a medium like the internet that they are so comfortable using.

Teaching Entrepreneurship To Children: Keeping it Real

Understanding that children these days can truly benefit from finding out how to begin their own business, how do we begin teaching them about it?

I think it's extremely important to set the right expectations early on. Having your own business can be an amazing experience, however children should be taught that it does also include hard work and dedication. This is something that children (and adults) in some cases choose to skip over.

teaching entrepreneurship to children

The reality is, beginning an online business has the possibility to make you a lot more money than most everyday jobs.

It's essential to offer children choices. Make them understand the benefits and challenges of working in the “Rat Race” and the alternative of working for themselves in their own business.

To be really practical, we have to remember that children will regularly want to select the most simple and “Safest” method rather than something that might present a greater challenge and require a little additional effort, even though in the long-term they could be much better off.

Keep Their Dreams Alive

The last thing to keep in mind is to be supportive of children who wish to start their own company. You see, most children still have dreams and goals when they are young.

As time goes and life presents some obstacles to their dreams in various forms, children then start to lower their goals and become more willing to settle for mediocrity. That is, unless they have someone to look up to and admire and to learn from. Be the kind of individual who motivates and supports those children to dream big and work hard to realize their ambitions.

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With it becoming harder to find a good job nowadays, young children (and lots of grownups) need to be aware of the option of a home based business as a vehicle to achieve their dreams and objectives. Teaching entrepreneurship to children and assisting them in preserving their dreams can help pave a path on their journey to financial freedom and a life filled with passion.

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