How To Create The Best Facebook Fan Pages

by Merv Stevens

best Facebook fan pages The best Facebook Fan pages are an incredibly effective marketing tool for large and small businesses alike. However, creating a successful social media campaign for your business, group or cause takes skill, knowledge, and commitment.

Making a few posts here and there on your page will not put it among the top fan pages. The top fan pages are maintained daily by skilled professionals. Here are some tips from a top social media pro on taking your Facebook fan page to the next level.

Best Facebook Fan Pages: Getting Fans

The most important element that all of the best Facebook Fan pages have in common is their number of followers. For example, the top Facebook fan page is Facebook's own page “Facebook for Every Phone”.

This page has over 265 million fans! The other pages that make the top 10 have at least 50 million fans. To start building up your fan base, start by suggesting your page to your friends and family.

best Facebook Fan pages

At the same time, begin interacting with fans on a regular basis. Tag your fans in photos and status updates. This will not only make your fans feel special and loved, but it will also expose your fan page to their friends and followers.

Best Facebook Fan Pages: Making Posts

Facebook posting is a skill. The best Facebook fan pages are those that know when to post photos and status updates in order to maximize their viewership.

A good post will appeal to fans, urging them to ‘like' it. When a post has a high number of ‘likes' it is more likely to show up in the news feeds of fans as well as friends of fans, which will likely end up in generating new fans.

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Good posts will give fans news, insider promotions, and give the overall feeling of community. Posting mid-morning, when people are generally at work and on the computer, and in the evening, are good times to maximum number of fans who see and can respond to your post.

Best Facebook Fan Pages: Advertising

Facebook has a number of advertising options available. Taking advantage of these services is vital to increasing your fan base.

An adverstisment, though, is only successful if it encourages people to click on it and “like” your page. In your adverstisment, be sure and entice readers with an incentive.

For example, a teaser line and interesting picture followed by “like us to get the complete story”, will entice ‘Facebookers' to explore your page and become fans themselves.

best Facebook Fan pagesBe sure and keep your message cool and casual, much like a friend giving another friend an insider tip. You don't want to confuse fans with too much information or scare them away by seeming too desperate.

It will take some time and effort to propel your fan page to the top. Just keep in mind, however, that even the best ‘Facebook Fan pages' started off with just a single fan and a single post.

You will need to dedicate yourself to spending time on Facebook, interacting with fans, recognizing current trends and making the most out of every post. Over time, when you create the best Facebook  Fan pages, you will be rewarded with a committed and involved community of fans.

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