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Jay Kubassek, co-founder of Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy was a farmer in his early adult life. He recently did a call on Blog Talk Radio comparing his life as a farmer to his current life as an entrepreneur in the digital economy and realized that the differences between the two are not that vast.

To be a successful farmer you have to be hard-working, know operations and outcomes, know strategy, and survive in an environment that is not always hospitable and over which they have little control.

Being an Entrepreneur in the Digital Economy is like learning to use the ATM machine: Access to Global Markets from your Smart Phone

In fact, being a digital entrepreneur is a hell of a lot easier, less stressful, less dangerous and a LOT more fun than being a farmer. Jay should know – he has been both.

During his time as a farmer, he had to consider many factors into sowing and growing a healthy crop. Planning had to be carried out months in advance to prepare for the planting season – servicing equipment, forecasting weather conditions, calculating inputs, yields, and costs.

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When the planting season in May came round there was only a 3 week period to complete the work and there had to be a contingency plan, just in case there was heavy rain, hail, snow, or the breakdown of equipment.

Like farmers, entrepreneurs in the digital economy have all the same basic pieces to work within one way or another – climate, economy and internet. But there is such an advantage to being an entrepreneur in this digital age. It's like learning to use an ATM machine with access to global markets from your computer, laptop, smartphone, and mobile device.

Jay Kubassek talks further about this and shows you the magnificent opportunity you have here in the digital gold rush!

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