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If you look at the wealthiest people in America today – Warren Buffett, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and the Walton family – all are first-generation multi-billionaires.

And the wonderful thing is if you do what other successful do, you eventually get the same result that they do.

There are many ways to get the things that we want for ourselves in our lives. But, basically, it all begins with how we choose to think.

Decide to commit to mastery

If you really want to get lasting change, real results that stick around, what have you got to do?

If you want lasting change you’ve got to give up this idea of trying something. You have got to decide that you are going to commit to mastery.

Most people dabble, they talk about: “Well, I’d like to change my body”, “I’d like to make my relationship better” or “I’d like to have more passion there”.

But, they do not know what to do, and if they did, they don’t have enough detail to be able to follow through.

If we want to achieve another result that we have never achieved before, then we have to become somebody different. We have to upgrade our skills, we have to upgrade our behavior, we have to master our emotions better.

Self-made millionaires have been studied exhaustively, they’ve been analyzed, they’ve been interviewed by the hundreds of thousands of millions, and what we know is exactly who they are and what they do, and how they think.

The wonderful thing is that if you do what other successful do, you eventually get the same result that they do.

Walt Disney said if you can dream it, you can do it. This means that you’re never given a dream that comes out of your own desire or place, which is something you have the capacity to fulfill.

You may have to learn some new skills, you may have to partner up with some people, you may have to access some new resources along the way. But all of that is possible if you’ll simply dream the big dream.

Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing. One of the central principles of life is that no one knows enough to be a pessimist about anything.

Each and every one of us, when we close our mind to what is possible for us, or what is possible for humanity, closes off the genius that resides and lives in each and every one of us.

Decide what you want. You can’t get from here to there unless you know where ‘here’ is and where ‘there’ is.

So, if you are going to decide what you want, go for what you want and not what you think is possible. Most people hone down their dream because they can’t see how they can do it.

Dream the big dream

And I’m saying to you: “Dream as big as you want”. In fact, big dreams are exciting, big dreams attract big people.

Tony Robbins had a teacher called Jim Rohn. He was a personal development speaker and Tony remembers being really frustrated because he’d being working his guts out, doing 12 -14 hour days, but nothing was working, and he was pissed and frustrated.

Jim said to Tony: “You’re so focused on expecting things to happen so fast. Instead, if you really focus on building your skills, your gifts will make room for you”.

Today people have no patience. We all want it right now and people do not only not commit to mastery, but they think they have all the answers. They try a few things that don’t work and move onto something else.

If you want a great jump in the quality of your life and an extraordinary jump on the quality of your life, you have to set yourself up to win.

You have to set yourself up for the process that allows you to consistently grow, to consistently enjoy your life and consistently produce the results that you are really after.

Success is very simple. If you have a clear goal, make a plan to achieve it and then do something – at least one thing each day – that moves you one step closer to your most important goal.


how to think like successful people

PROGRESS equals HAPPINESS. If you are growing at anything – financially, spiritually, emotionally, in your relationship, in your body – you are going to feel better in your life.

That’s what we are made for. I think we are meant to grow to have something to gain. We can’t gain something we really don’t have.

Form good habits and make them your masters

Most people are interested, they are not committed. And the difference is when you are interested you’ll do what is convenient and easy. When you are committed you will do whatever it takes.

When you are interested you do what’s easy and convenient, but when you are committed you will get that result. You put everything into it until you get the result.

You have got to get going. You have to take action. The discipline is the miracle process. here’s how to get the miracle of your future going as far as discipline is concerned:

Do what you can.

  • Learning is the beginning of wealth.
  • Learning is the beginning of life change.
  • Do not be lazy in learning.
  • Do not be lazy in picking up the idea.
  • Do not be lazy in learning from your own experience.

How many times have you had a great idea and didn’t do anything about it and a year later someone did something about it and made a lot of money and got the promotion, etc.

So when you have the idea and the inspiration to act, it’s time – ACT. You do not have to know it perfectly.

If you decide on doing something, then do it. there have been dozens and dozens of studies over the years and they find that one major difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people launch, they start. They get on with it. They just do it.

Have a big enough reason why you want to achieve something

Unsuccessful people get the same ideas and the same information but they have always got an excuse for not starting it.

If you have a big enough reason why you want to achieve something, you will do whatever it takes. But, if your reason isn’t big enough, your excuses will be.

One of the things we believe, and hang onto, and live with, is this whole idea that all of the things that happened to us in our past are what is keeping us from doing what we would like to do today. So, we hang onto these things and we fill ourselves with blame.

Life is not so simple as black and white. The mother of Tony Robbins beat the ‘shit’ out of him. She loved him. She was freaked out he was going to leave. He was the source of everything.

Tony blamed his mother for all the beauty in his life. He blamed her for what he had, and what he didn’t have because he knew what the opposite is. He blamed her for the capacity to feel and care. He blamed her for his insatiable hunger to end suffering for any human being that he can, because he suffered a lot.


All the success you've dreamed of in just



Get emotionally fit by learning to trade what upsets you, which are your expectations that aren’t being met. Trade your expectations for appreciation for what you do have and your whole life changes in a moment.

Because our expectations make us pissed off, frustrated, worried, or sad. We all have them. Tony Robbins has them too. But when they come up he just reminds himself that it's just his mind and he is more than his mind.

He has a heart and soul. What can he appreciate and use this knowledge to go to a deeper level? This is the only way we get free.

The only way to have a great life is to decide that you will find beauty in anything that happens in your life. I’m sure if you look back on your life, most of us have had experiences where something horrible happened, something that you’ll never want in your lifetime.

But at the same time, you know that five or ten years later you will look back and go: “I never want to go through that again, but I’m glad I did. Because it made me so strong to have to deal with that”.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

What makes us suffer is our thoughts. We are the only creatures on earth that can have thoughts and make ourselves feels like shit and have thoughts and make ourselves feel good.

Most people do not master their minds and so their minds go crazy. We believe our thoughts. We believe if this thing doesn’t happen then our lives are going to be stressed. Most of it is just bullshit.

The mind is looking for what is wrong. Your heart can change all that. If you decide today that you are 100% responsible for experiences in your life and that anything can happen but you are bigger than the moment.

You are more than anything that can happen to you. You can find a way to find something beautiful, something helpful, something enjoyable.

Change your thoughts and you change your world

Change your thoughts and you change your world. Change your expectations and you change around you what you begin to manifest and showing up in your life.

Tony Robbins is not asking you to stop blaming, he’s just saying to blame elegantly, blame intelligently, blame effectively. Blame with the level of your soul not the level of your head.

No more blame. Do not assign responsibility to other people for where you are today. Because now you have an opportunity to get rid of it.

If you think someone else caused it then you have to wait for somebody else to change in order to get rid of the circumstance in your life you do not want – and you might wait forever for that.

But if you take responsibility for it, then you can do something.

Who are you now? Who have you decided to become?

Make the decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully. Then act on it.

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