Thirty-One Gifts: A Real Business Opportunity?

by Merv Stevens

thirty oneWay back in 2003, Cindy Monroe started Thirty-One Gifts out of her home's basement. These are pretty humble beginnings considering Thirty-One Gifts now has close to one hundred thousand consultants in the United States alone. Based out of the great American state of Tennessee, this network marketing opportunity has bloomed into a massive company.


Thirty-One Gifts is a network marketing company aimed at giving women an opportunity to earn the income they deserve. “Thirty-One” is reference to CEO Cindy Monroe's favorite bible verse. This specific Bible verse praises the wise and virtuous women.

Thirty-One Gifts: Product Line


This unique network marketing company offers a wide variety of products aimed at making life simpler. Thirty-One Gifts produces a selection of utility, purses, totes, accessories, monogramming, personalization, women's accessories, men's accessories and more.

When considering joining a network marketing company, it is always useful to take a glance at the company's products. This allows you to gt a feel for the company's potential longevity. Because Thirty-One Gifts offers such a variety of products, it is relatively simple to understand why it has been growing for over 9 years.

Thirty-One Gifts: Network Marketing Compensation Plan

Thirty-One consultants are considered to be independent business owners. If they can build a thirty-One Gifts business successfully, the freedoms of self-employment will undoubtedly be recognized and enjoyed.

The start-up costs for Thirty-One Gifts is relatively low as compared to other direct sales companies. For just $99, new direct sales affiliates will be supplied with the products, tools, and training needed to begin building a successful Thirty-One Gifts business.

As a Thirty-One Gifts consultant, you will earn 25% of the sales volume you generate. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to purchase drastically discounted products. As with all network marketing companies, selling products is just one way to earn.

Thirty One-Gifts affiliates are also financially rewarded for recruiting new consultants. As long as these newly recruited consultants are active, the initial consultant will continue to earn commission on their personal volume. Because of this sales model it is obviously the most financially beneficial to spend considerable time recruiting new consultants.

Recruiting Consultants for Thirty-One Gifts

If you continue to search online, you will undoubtedly find that Thirty-One Gifts has been and is a legitimate business opportunity. Thousands of people have made a profit by promoting these quality products and recruiting new consultants.

In order to turn your Thirty-One Gifts business opportunity into a real business, you will need to consistently recruit new consultants. Most network marketers fail because they are not able to do so.

Luckily for today;s network marketer, we have access to the world wide web. By learning internet marketing strategies, you can actually learn to attract new consultants to you. Each day, millions of internet user get online and search for the goods and information they need.

By learning to target these internet users, you can build a substantial business online.  Some of them are even looking for business opportunities like Thirty-One Gifts.

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