Vi-Tel wirelessVi-Tel wireless was created in 2010 by a couple of men named Scott Rogers and James Pearson. This unique company is considered to be a rising star in the direct sales industry.

As with any company, possessing great leadership is an incredibly valuable asset. Great leadership and proper guidance are definitely notions the founders wish to instil in those who buy into their direct sales line.

James Pearson has over 10 years of finance experience under his belt. This undoubtedly a quality attribute for a man in charge of a business's direction to have. In addition to Pearson's finance history, co-founder Scott Rogers has an incredible amount of experience within this unique marketing niche. With over 50 years of marketing experience, Vi-Tel seems to be lead by quite the team of executives.

The Vi-Tel Wireless Product Line

Like all business in this area of the market, Vi-Tel wireless has some products. Vi-Tel Wireless offers quality products in three different categories. The first of these three categories is cell phones. This shouldn't come as a surprise considering the world “wireless” is in the company's name.

Vi-Tel wireless direct sales associates market cell phones for T-mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. The second of the three product categories is Satellite Television offered by Dish TV. The last, but not least as the cliché says, of the three product categories is Home Security by Front Point.

Vi-Tel wireless claims that their company's mission is to continue to provide customers with up to date high quality technological products and to sustain a positive sales environment for those who wish to participate in the company's direct sales arm.

vi-tel wireless

Vi-Tel Wireless: Direct Sales Associate Compensation Plan

When it comes to reviewing multi level marketing or direct sales companies, it is beyond necessary to discuss the money-making prospects of each. The initial start-up fee for a Vi-Tel Wireless associate is between $50 and $100. This start-up cost depends on your entry level package. Those who join marketing forces with Vi-Tel will have the option to get in at one of three levels. Master, Executive, or Platinum package.

Vi-Tel Wireless boasts that they provide several different ways for their sales associates to earn an income. These sources of income include retail sales, quick start bonuses, bonuses based on team performance, generation matching bonuses, and advancement bonuses. These are obviously in place to motivate direct sales marketers to be persistent and motivational to one another.

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Approaching Vi-Tel Wireless Appropriately

Like a number of fellow direct sales or multi level marketing outfits, Vi-Tel wireless seems to offer an ideal combination of quality products and worthwhile compensation plan. Individuals interested in joining companies like Vi-Tel wireless are often weary because they have heard similar companies be labeled as a scam.

These unfortunate labels are given to companies in the network marketing industry by people who have personally failed or seen a close friend or family member fail in marketing. Just because I'm not a great football player doesn't mean the NFL is a scam. What people need to remember is that your results in any line of work will reflect the effort you put in.

If you're willing to put forth the necessary time to learn proper online lead generation strategies and improve your overall skills, you can succeed in this industry. The key is finding the right company, team, and leadership. It's up to you whether you think Vi-Tel Wireless fits this description.

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