A Brief Review Of Wela

by Merv Stevens

welaFounded by experienced marketers, Wela is a network marketing company based out of Springfield, Missouri. Like most other network marketing companies, Wela offers interested people with the opportunity to build a business from home and on their own time.

This notion, along with a quality product line, is usually the draw to network marketing.The idea of self-employment has become even more intriguing of late due to the struggling economy and uncertain job market.

In addition to becoming more attractive of late, success in network marketing has become more accessible of late because of the internet. Learning to utilize the various proven online marketing techniques can help any budding entrepreneur take advantage of a business opportunity like that offered by Wela.

What Kind of Products does Wela Produce?

Wela is a network marketing company that produces nutritional products. The main product produced by Wela goes by the name of Slimberry. With a name like that it's pretty easy to guess what the product's intent is. Slimberry is an antioxidant packaged in a bottle and concentrated into tiny drop sized dosages.

With the recent increase in personal health awareness, products like Slimberry have been popping up all over the place. The fact is that most of our diets are poor and change is needed. Because of this fact, companies are targeting our need to supplement our diets with health compounds.

Wela and Slimberry are a perfect example of this. The Wela Slimberry product is composed of vitamins, minerals, and extracts of various superfruits.

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Becoming a Wela Revenue Sharing Partner

Each Wela network marketer is referred to as a Revenue Sharing Partner. Each of these users and members are qualified to earn a commission. In addition to housing a concrete compensation plan, each Revenue Sharing Partner will be setup with their own personal web-page dedicated to the generating qualified leads and expanding their business.

Wela is a binary multi-level marketing company that is said to allow Revenue Sharing Partners to make up to $20,000 a week. As you may have guessed by now, Wela multi-level marketers are financially rewarded for promoting products such as Slimberry.

In addition to being paid for their own marketing efforts, Wela Revenue Sharing Partners are rewarded for the volume produced by those in their downline. Because of this, you will find that most successful Wela marketers focus on recruiting quality team members and not just simple product users. These team members can help a multi-level marketer expand their business at a rate not achievable on their own.


Using the Internet for Wela Success

Network Marketers, whether involved with Wela or any other quality network marketing opportunity, are beginning to take notice of the versatility of the internet. Attracting quality business leads serves as the fuel to any network marketing business.

While most successful network marketers in history have built their relative fortune offline, many modern entrepreneurs have began recognizing the far-reaching potential of the internet.

By learning effective online marketing strategies to advertize your Wela business, you can build a steady stream of qualified business leads. Commitment and the willingness to learn a few new skills may be the only thing standing between you and a substantial Wela income.

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