what is article marketing

When asked what is article marketing I usually reply that it's an incredibly powerful way of broadening your reach for your target audience and establishing credibility.

Successful article marketing also drives visitors back to your internet site.

What is Article Marketing? How does it Perform?

When content is written to become distributed to article directories, the benefit is the fact that you might be allowed to leave, at the very least one particular backlink, to your personal web site.

Great high quality article directories also attract thousands of visitors every day searching for particular data and answers to their questions.

Once you submit an article you select which category into which it best fits. You also get the opportunity to build a bio box or resource box.

These can typically include a photograph which makes your profile a lot a lot more appealing and individual, plus you can explain a bit about your business and your life which assists to construct relationships and establish trust.

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Article directories are frequently overlooked by site owners as very good sources of content. The only downside with utilizing an article from a directory is the fact that you must include the data regarding the writer.

If you're stuck for content this can be only a minor dilemma. We'll talk about how Google treats duplicate content (which is what this will be) somewhat later in this article.

By supplying beneficial information to other individuals within your niche or field you are able to establish a very excellent reputation within several of the prime article marketing directories. People will then naturally wish to pay a visit to your web site and learn more about you as well as your business.

What is Article Marketing: Advantages with SEO

The approach to ensure that people find your articles is by employing exactly exactly the same practices as in case when you were writing the article for your personal web site. It must be SEO optimised and really importantly it must be formatted in a way that people will want to read it. Use phrases that people are searching for online and attempt to use them in the starting of your title.

what is article marketing

Every directory will specify how many words minimum it needs. 500 to 700 words is optimum and the article must be well structured to become easily readable. Include bullet points and sub-headings wherever possible, and make paragraphs brief.

Remember article marketing is about delivering support and information to your target audience. In case you make your article too ‘salesy' it will be a large turn off. You may even be asked to resubmit it without any references you had initially created to certain products.

EzineArticles.com is by far probably the most popular article marketing directory although there are at the very least 50 other individuals well-respected directories. If you're unsure about a directory's reputation, you are always able to verify their Alexa ranking and Google page rank.

What is Article Marketing: Is it all Duplicate Content?

By now you need to understand that search engines are trying to find original content. So if you are going to submit your article to dozens of directories then you must make sure that you just have exactly the same link pointing back to the original article.

I'm not a fan of automatic submission tools. You are able to get a lot far better outcomes by taking the time to manually submit articles to just a couple of off the prime directories.

Some automated submission applications also offer to spin articles so they are original content when they get to each and every individual directory. The dilemma is that immediately after 1 spin your well- thought-out and well-written article will be gibberish AND it's going to still have your name attached to it. Not some thing you'll be proud of!

So what is article marketing? It's an incredibly beneficial way of getting the word out about you, your product and your web site. However, what you submit should really be of high-quality and not only blasted out to the online world in order to acquire a few worthless backlinks.

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