what is a blog

Most people used to buzz about “what is a blog” in the late 1990’s. This was the decade when this medium of communication was born and its roots were penetrating very fast and deep. The first thing that needs to be elaborated before moving ahead is to untie the mystery of the phrase “what is a blog” in the most effective manner.

A blog can be defined in simple words as “The conversation or information made available by an individual or group of people over the World Wide Web i.e. www. These are basically posts which are uploaded discretely at different times and dates by bloggers.”

Now days, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also platforms where you can post information (text, images and video) online and they are attracting millions of people. We are in an era in which people just love to share all kinds of information among with others all around the world.

Creating a blog is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to reach the masses online. Whether you are a solo-preneur, such as an affiliate marketer involved in affiliate marketing, or a large business, having a blog gives you the ability to promote your views, products and services on the internet.

What is a Blog and Advertising

Many large and small organizations are using blogs as a medium to promote their products and services. They are trying to give a new meaning to what is a blog by using it for advertising, promoting and getting customer feedbacks about their offerings through blog posts.

Viral marketing is the new axiom that is gaining popularity due to these social media marketing activities. These companies pay nominal amounts to groups of people to create a virtual buzz about their business. They accomplish this by updating their blogs regularly and writing positive reviews.

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What is Blog and Academia

Many people want to find out the link between blogs and the academic world. Personal and organization maintained blogs are largely used by scientists, teachers and researchers in order to describe different inventions, phenomena and scientific theories.

The best part about an Edublog (one that is used for educational purposes) is that you can simply read the post and make an instant comment about it. This swift interaction between writers and readers allows eradicating ambiguity in no time.

What is Blog and Politics

In democratic regimes where free expression of opinions is allowed, blogs are very successful and reaping phenomenal appreciations among people and parliamentarians. Whereas, in the totalitarian regimes where people’s communication is greatly influenced by the ones in power, blogs are not liked, and in some cases are banned.

During the revolutionary movement in Egypt, one blogger was arrested because he tried to write against the then president – Hosni Mubarak.

These realities about blogging are just a glimpse of this diverse online information platform.

what is a blog

Each passing day, hundreds of bloggers are plunging into this platform and connecting online with other bloggers and people looking for information, products and services that the blog offers. “What is a blog?” is the question most people have on their minds initially, and after few days you will see them happily blogging away over the internet.

You can start a self-hosted blog (recommended as you have more control) using WordPress.org. You can buy a domain name from around $10 a year from Namecheap. The domain name is like your address online and should reflect your brand and the services you offer.

It could also be your name if you want to create a personal brand. Dotcom (.com) are the best and most well known domains to get. However, if a the .com domain you want is not available you can also go for .net, .co, .org, .io, or a domain specific to the country in which you operate (for example .co.uk).

If you a creating a self-hosted blog you will also need hosting which you can get via hosting companies like Bluehost. Hosting is liking renting your space on the internet.

Leadpages have made it very simple to set up a blog using their drag-and-drop feature on Leadpeages Site Builder. Even if you are not very technical you can easily create beautiful and lead generating websites to attract and capture the details of visitors that you can offer your services and products to.

Creating a blog is now quite easy and if you want to have a presence online then it is imperative. Whether you have an online business or a traditional brick-and-mortar business, a blog is what is required to expand the products and services you offer to a world-wide audience.

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