What is Content MarketingWhat is content marketing? If you are currently pondering this question, I assure you that you are not alone. Content marketing is an incredibly valuable marketing technique used to attract a target audience. When operating an active blog or website, your target audience consists of those you would like to attract to your page. For obvious reasons, this targeted traffic is far more profitable than random traffic.

By learning some useful content marketing strategies, you can do more than target an audience to increase awareness. Content marketing is also beneficial for SEO purposes. As it has been said before, if you aren't content marketing online, you aren't marketing.

What is Content Marketing?–Step 1: Creating High Quality Content

Often times when people discuss “what is content marketing?”, they only focus on the distribution aspect of the technique. When marketing content to target audience, your goals are to attract traffic, acquire an audience, and engage them. For obvious reasons, this cannot be done with garbage content.

What is content marketing without high quality content? High quality content is informative, attractive, and appropriately entertaining. In addition to these attributes, marketable content is relevant and valuable. Content marketing is essentially the process of communicating with potential customers without selling a product.

If your aim now is to create high quality content, it is important that you do not overlook the value of a video. It seems that everyone in today's fast paced information era are easily distracted.

Because of this, it is necessary to use technology to sustain blog visitors' interest. This can be done effectively by making an informative and entertaining video that is relevant to the content you have written.

What is Content Marketing?–Step2: Distribution of Content

After you've created informative content, distributing the content is the next step. There are a number of ways to do so. Today, bloggers use social media platforms, web 2.0 properties, article directories, and more to target an audience.

Because social media platforms are among the most visited websites online, learning to navigate them can be very beneficial. When including a video in your blog post, remember to post it to YouTube and include a backlink to your website.

YouTube backlinks are among the most valuable because more and more value is being placed on videos.

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What is Content Marketing?: Backlinks and SEO

While learning to use the likes of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter appropriately can be effective, article directories can be equally as potent. High PR article directories allow you to post content on their website and include backlinks to previously written articles or your blog/website.

Because these high PR article directories have such large and committed audiences, you can effectively target your audience. In addition, high PR backlinks are incredibly valuable in the eyes of Google.

As a result, you will receive some SEO juice and you are far more likely to be found organically in a search engine query.Learning effective content marketing strategies is necessary to survive in internet marketing.

What is content marketing going to mean to you?

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