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Who is Frank Kern? If you've been in the internet marketing space for any length of time, the name Fran Kern would most likely have popped-up somewhere.

But who is Frank Kern? What does he do, what products does he market, how did he become an online marketing “guru”, what does he think of the state of the internet marketing niche, and what does he think you need to do to succeed online?

Frank gives answers to all these questions, and more, in the video below. Watch and find out how he became one of the top marketers online after starting out living in a single trailer working as a door-to-door salesman selling credit card processing machines.

Who Is Frank Kern? Man, Myth, Legend

Who Is Frank Kern? The Internet Lifestyle

Is the internet lifestyle a myth or reality. It's perceived as having to do nothing, but the money still keeps coming in. But in reality, if you do nothing for too long, then your income will decrease.

Real successful marketers are always thinking about the next strategy and things like, finding the optimum sales page, creating an even more profitable back-end, ascertaining how to get a client earning more money. But the amazing thing is… they love doing it and are hooked on it because it's great fun.

Who Is Frank Kern? Reasons for Failure

The biggest reason for failure online is two-fold:

1. People do not get started – and even when they get started they will quit once they encounter their first failure

2. Most do not know how to sell – people will get the latest gadgets and technology to make everything look nice and work efficiently, but that is of no use if the goal of selling the product or service and making an income is not achieved.

Who Is Frank Kern? The keys to text-Success

The 2 essential commandments for success on the internet:

1. Thou shalt not f*ck around

2. Thou shalt not be a “pussy”

These succinct and simple principles are what Frank thinks are necessary to be profitable online.

Who Is Frank Kern

And why do people f*uck around. Mostly because there is no sense of urgency and the majority of people will fail to take the steps necessary to build a website, produce a product or promote a product or service – even though they have all the information and resources to do so. Get to work!

There are those who are a “pussy' because they spend hundreds to thousands of dollars attending seminars and training sessions but are unwilling to spend $100 on paid advertising just in case it does not work.

Failure can occur 98% of the time, but if you concentrate on the 2% that does work and scale-up, then you can achieve success. It is the bold who are willing to take the chance of failing most of the time to find those ‘oil wells' that will reward you the rest of your life – but the “pussy' will not.

Watch the video to learn more about the beliefs and views of this amazing marketer, and you will no longer have to ask the question, “Who is Frank Kern?”. You'll also discover more about what's required to succeed online.

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