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That is a crazy question – why network marketing? Simply because, network marketers have the freedom to work from home, work whatever hours they pick, and have the potential of earning a very large income. Try and find a day job that enables you to do that!

You hear lots of naysayers who in no way have anything very good to say about the network marketing business. Probe a little deeper, and you will most likely uncover that they tried it themselves or know somebody else that did with not good results. This was very likely because they did not take the time and effort that's required to start, run and establish a productive business.

Getting the proper mindset is crucial to success, as is possessing a plan – you know the saying, “fail to plan, and you plan to fail”. This cannot be a business for dreamers, it involves reaching out into the community and building relationships with hundreds of other people in order to become productive.

Why Network Marketing?: Choosing the Right Company

It also means deciding on a network marketing company – one that's right for you. One that gives exceptional products at competitive costs – products that people want now and will nevertheless want in the next 50 years.

Network marketing does not work with products that appear to change each and every couple of weeks like electronics and cell phones. The most profitable network marketing businesses will have longevity and happen to be around for decades.

Their products are evergreen and incorporate products like make-up, jewelry, dietary supplements, cleaning products, cookware – and hundreds of other products or services that human beings will often want or require.

If you don’t like building relationships or communicating with other people, then this is not the business for you. Network marketing is all about helping people and solving their troubles, no matter whether those problems are monetary or they want a product or service to help make their lives far better or less complicated.

You'll be able to do this either offline or online, or by making use of a mixture of each strategy.

Why Network Marketing? Off-line Strategies

There has been a move away from off-line network marketing strategies in recent years. This has left huge opportunities for people who appreciate working face-to-face with other people.

The personal computer age has left people isolated and craving human interaction. You only have to have a look at the number of online dating services to understand how this problem has grown.

why network marketing

It's possible to develop a fantastic social life plus a very effective business with network marketing! Usually, you'll be able to meet people who are looking for human interaction and friendships at church, at business meetings, in health clubs, and on the golf course. They will very frequently welcome a new face.

These are ideal places to start networking and developing relationships with people. Do not go in there pitching your opportunity or your products – forget about them for now. At some point, you are going to discover the correct time to tell others what you do for a living.

If you’re in consumer service, retail or possess a productive sales background, you'll recognize the principles of network marketing quickly. The idea would be to assist people with their issues. If they possess a need for the product that you are marketing then you can help them solve their problems. If they have to make some extra income each and every month, you'll be able to provide that opportunity too.

Why Network Marketing? Online Strategies

The most significant advantage of online network marketing for most people is it is a lot easier to produce leads. Leads are without a doubt the fuel that may run your business. Once you have outgrown your warm market, without having leads, your business is going to grind to a halt.

Nonetheless, online network marketing is fairly similar to offline network marketing. It’s all about creating relationships. This can be considerably tougher online, simply because it can be so impersonal. Using the phone can be crucial when generating leads by way of the internet. A personal phone call will probably carry far greater meaning than words in an e-mail.

A combination of online and offline marketing works best for most people and is also the most profitable. The majority of people inside this area of business would probably agree with this. Those that have built effective network marketing businesses have done this by regularly helping other people obtain their dreams and ambitions, as well as by helping them find solutions to their problems.


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Network marketing gives any person the potential to create a substantial income if they are prepared to operate in difficult and sometimes trying circumstances for the first couple of years.

Working hard to achieve success is more likely if it’s your personal business, and you really like what you are doing – even if it's demanding. A lot of network marketers I know could have retired 10 years ago, but it is in their blood, and they enjoy it.

So why network marketing? – it delivers a potentially significant revenue along with a flexible way of life that can in the long run offer great time freedom.

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