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Creating a WordPress MLM website is on the list of recommendations to people entering into network marketing (MLM). By using WordPress MLM websites or blogs, you and your companies presence on the internet can be created swiftly and simply.

To most people, the prospect of building a website or blog is terrifying. All that technical stuff.

But every little thing on WordPress is user-friendly – you don’t need to know anything about CSS, HTML, or any other programming languages.

Every little thing is created using a WYSIWYG editor – ‘What You See Is What You Get'. If you know just a little about HTML that’s even more of an advantage for you.

WordPress MLM Website: Domain Name

There are two factors you will require before you start to build your WordPress MLM internet site.

First, you will want a domain name. A .com extension is often preferable, despite the fact that it might be extremely tough to locate precisely the name you want to use.

As a word of caution, most multi level marketing companies forbid the use of their business name anywhere within your domain name. For example, I would be prohibited from making use of a name like If in any doubt, ask your MLM company.

A .com domain name costs approximately $10 per year, though I realize that prices have lately gone up. You can purchase them from places like, Namecheap or Godaddy.

WordPress MLM Website: Hosting

The next thing you will need to have is hosting. Hosting is generally the home exactly where your WordPress MLM website will reside. It's where you can rent your space for your website and where people can see and access your site.

In the event you only want one WordPress internet site, it's possible to get dependable hosting for much less than five dollars a month. Hostgator and Bluehost offer a number of hosting packages.

You’ve invested $15 so far.

wordpress mlm

After you have these, then you'll access your manage panel and click on the button that says Fantastico and you will fill out a couple of boxes. Next, you'll go to your simple WordPress site.

Go over towards the button on the left that says Look and start exploring the hundreds of free theme styles that provides. You may discover this is probably the most time-consuming part of building a WordPress MLM website.

WordPress MLM Website: A Blog or a Website?

When you have chosen your design, then you might have a couple of alternatives. Do you want your internet site to function as a blog? Or do you need it to appear like a standard website?

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If you select a blog, then you will be able to post articles on your site and people will be able to make comments on your posts (unless you turn comments off). Decide on a blog and add good quality content in the form of posts that are targeted towards the market you are trying to reach. If you are finding it difficult to write blog posts, you can outsource this task to content producing sites like Textbroker or Constant Content.

You'll require a few basic pages, whichever you choose. It's wise to have an ‘About Me' page on your WordPress MLM website. Add a nice skilled picture of yourself smiling as well as a little information about yourself.

You also want to add a ‘Contact Me' page. This may include your telephone number if you want to give it out and an e-mail address, and mobile number – whatever you’re comfortable with.

WordPress MLM Website: Adding Content

Now you can start adding content. Entering it into the WYSIWYG page you’ll see the control panel is similar to Microsoft Word.

There’s a button for adding video quickly, as well as graphics and photographs. You are able to even save your articles in draft form and come back to them later.

In the event, you write a number of posts, you'll be able to schedule each one to be published on specified days.

You’ll soon discover the hundreds of free plug-ins that can be offered, too. These can help with search engine optimization (SEO), and it's possible to add social media buttons in the click of a mouse.

As soon as you start developing your WordPress MLM website, you’ll see how straightforward and simple it is to create an online presence for you and the products and services you offer!

You can quite simply create an online presence by using an alternative website creator such as Leadpages Site Builder. With this easy-to-use online platform, you can build beautiful, mobile-responsive websites with code-free customizations that have the conversion power of Leadpages to capture the details of visitors to your website.

By capturing the name and email address of visitors to your site in exchange for giving something of value (PDF, video, infographic giving a solution to the problem they're inquiring about) you can build an email list and follow up with them using an autoresponder service like ConvertKit. When following up, you can build some authority and trust and pitch your products and network marketing business. An engaged and responsive email list of subscribers is a very valuable asset that no one can take away from you.

You can find more great videos from Dale McManus on his YouTube channel, Create a Pro Website.


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