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Is your home business like a big hunk of meat?

It's an interesting analogy!

Experienced online marketer and successful entrepreneur, Joel Peterson, recently sent me a video clarifying this, and it makes for very interesting watching. You can  take away some valuable nuggets of wisdom to help you in your home business.

Your Home Business Is Like A Big Hunk Of Meat

Have you ever sat down and wondered why some people are successful in their Home Business?

Well… it may come down to a BIG HUNK OF MEAT.

No really… I'm being serious.

Have a look at the video above to see what I'm talking about, and everything will be explained.

It was recently the birthday of one of my mentor's, Joel Peterson. His family got him a top of the line smoker charcoal grill. He likes his meat and he had been hinting that he wanted one for some time.

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To put the smoker to use he decided to use it on his birthday and cook a large piece of beef brisket. Now this was a huge hunk of meat that is gnarly and very tough.

You have to cook it right way if you want it to turn out well and  be tasty. And cooking the ‘right way' means cooking it in the smoker for 14 hours.

Yes! You read it correctly… 14 hours.

The smoker has all the top of the line features… independently controlled heating element, large wood chip container, infrared heating source, produces clean, cool smoke for an hour, comprehensive instructions, etc.

Now, how many people buy one of these smoker cookers, and it just sits on their deck without being used. It's put to one corner of the yard and the rain and snow comes and rots it away, and it can no longer be used.

Or if they decide to actually use it they will buy a large piece of meat and realize that it will take 14 hours to cook it, if you want to do it right. They'll say to themselves,” I don't have 14 hours”. They'll take that meat and throw it in the microwave instead.

20 minutes later, they try to eat it and find they've got some horrible tasting meat. Or they'll go to a normal BBQ and throw it on the grill for 30 minutes and find they end up with a tough, gnarly, piece of chewy piece of meat.

your home business

The  smoker came with instructions stating that if you wished to cook a large piece of meat like a beef  brisket then you would have to follow certain procedures and it would take 14 hours.

After a while you will start to smell the meat being cooked. You'll have to keep monitoring it for the 14 hours of cooking – following the instructions, making sure it stays plugged-in, feeding it more wood chips, checking the temperature.

Following the instructions and taking the necessary actions will ensure that at the  end of the 14 hours you have a piece of tender, juicy and tasty  beef that all the family will enjoy.

Follow Training and be Patient in Your Home Business

Now let's see how this relates to “your home business”. A good home business is like a top of the range smoker. It will have all the necessary tools and resources to help you effectively market and create great promotional campaigns. Things like great products that people want and need in this new digital economy, and that can be delivered easily – marketing funnels, capture pages, autoreponders, etc.

Also importantly, it will come with instructions, the training showing you how to use these tools and resources effectively. But you have to be patient and follow the training and be persistent and consistent before you see results.


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You see, a lot of people will get a home business and then do nothing with it – just put it to the side to gather dust. Maybe they'll look at the instructions and review some training and realize that there will not be instant results.

Effort will be required, and it will take some time. But in trying to take shortcuts they do want some do when realizing that it takes 14 hours to cook a hunk of beef brisket – put it in the microwave for 20 minutes or throw it on the grill for 30 minutes.

But they will not end up with the results they want – in the case of the smoker cooker, tough and bad tasting meat and with a home business, a small amount of customers, little profit and large outgoings.

With a good home business you'll get all the tools, resources and training – but you have to follow them and be patient to achieve success. There are rarely overnight success stories.

So get a good business, be patient, follow the training and be prepared to learn new skills and roll up your sleeves and take consistent action. After some time (a bit like the smoker and beef brisket) you will have something that the whole family can benefit from – your home business that is thriving, enjoyable and profitable.

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