Speaking at a recent event millionaire internet marketer, Jay Kubassek talked about “Your X factor”and disclosed the psychology required to be successful in business.

Your X Factor: Understand and Appreciate Yourself


Kubassek originates from a distinctive background as he was brought up in a religious farm in Canada. In the year 2001, he left the community to look for a far better living even though he had minimal funds and no real-world business know-how.

Since that time, he has become a reputable speaker, author and business owner. In 2013, together with Stuart Ross, he established Digital Experts Academy (DEA) and Six Figure Mentors (SFM) to teach individuals to become less dependant on the normal economy and to thrive in the new digital economy.

In this very frank presentation, Kubassek describes the way he used to be an insecure, introverted young guy. Even so, he figured out the way to maximize his intrinsic attributes to battle the obstructions he encountered, and emerged as the successful individual he is at present.

Maybe you don’t have the confidence, or are you’re unable to mix easily with other individuals at times. These elements of yourself, which you consider weaknesses, are factors that you might think are stopping you from the results in life you’re looking for.

However, Kubassek asserts that these qualities in fact make up your X factor. These characteristics are the key to getting your ideal life. For folks who have repeatedly felt lonely – such as they are unproductive and bound to failure – this is the time to get rid of that mental attitude.

Your X Factor: Accept Your Weaknesses

A lot of developing entrepreneurs think that success in business as well as life is dependent upon attaining perfection. Kubassek defies this and details that there is no need to enhance yourself regularly.

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Often, we concentrate on the loopholes in our skills and knowledge. However, a prosperous entrepreneur will focus on what he/she is capable of doing, and utilize that as the foundation to develop his venture. Kubassek asserts that, the moment you come in this world, you own all you need to live a satisfied, successful and self-reliant life.

So… you already possess the abilities to attain the achievements you wish.

Childhood Instances

As a kid, Kubassek had plenty of drive, passion and energy, yet he was considered as an outsider by the grown ups. They looked at him as a damaging influence, as he motivated a number of other kids to question the traditions and customs of the commune. He disappointed the narrow-minded individuals who were contented with their life and who didn’t believe that they could achieve much more in their life.

Kubassek's presentation was to really help the audience realize their interests and the identify the best method to guide them to their goals. To discover your X factor, you simply need to accept all aspects of yourself, and admit that you are the individual you are at present.

By revealing your uniqueness without apology or restraint, you are going to achieve the power to best express your business brand, and also modify your life scenario in a manner which you never believed you previously could.

The “Your X Factor” presentation is important watching for everyone who thinks that prosperous entrepreneurs possess some sort of super power. In reality, nothing can be farther from the truth. Successful online business owners like Jay Kubassek are everyday people; they have simply educated themselves to understand their lives and comprehend themselves in a different way to everybody else.

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